Miscall karo Ane Varta sabhalo

The program has been launched by the Government of Gujarat for the purpose of developing the brain and intelligence of young children.

The program is called programming (coding – coding) action and the person who works, is called the programmer. The main two types of software are: System Software and Application Software (Application Software). The system operates software hardware and works a bridge between commuter hardware and business apprehensive software. Booting the capture properly (walking – booting), manage memory, sophistication from secondary memory to the primary memory, the important functions such as the management of the printer and other sources etc. System software. 

An important scheme has been released by the Government of Gujarat today in which there is a huge scheme for young children studying in standard one to five in which young children will be given a number which will tell you that if you miss the number you mean that the young children are complete.  The story will be heard. Listening to these stories makes small mistakes and becomes mentally strong and the child’s intelligence develops well.

મિસ્કોલ કરો અને વાર્તા સાંભળો
વાર્તા કઈ રીતે સાંભળવી

This scheme for the development of intelligence of young children has been issued by the Government of Gujarat. You will be given a number in which you or the children will have a miscall. You will hear many kinds of stories about them.  There is a very good scheme for young children in which many children from Gujarat are taking advantage of this scheme. You can listen to these stories even sitting at home.

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