Heavy rain in 3 days in Gujarat

Ambalal Patel’s Rain Forecast Friends This season’s rain comes and goes A few days ago there was a tremendous hurricane named Nama when there were many more winds blowing after that. At a time when many natural calamities are also coming, today Ambalal Patel has predicted that it will rain with strong winds in the next three days. Friends, we will inform you to be careful in this work and to be careful.

In the next 3 days, there will be no rain. Ambalal Patel has predicted rain with wind in Gujarat. Many farmers may be affected due to rains in this season. It is learned that this rain will cause a lot of damage to their crops and even before the hurricane caused a lot of damage, no assistance has been paid by the government till date. It is seen that kharif crops will also suffer a lot due to rains.

What to look out for in rain and wind So friends, we will tell you how to take care in the rainy season.

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