Friends! You must have seen many such students in your school or college, who look as if they have some different power inside them, which makes them very attractive. Being recognized in school- college, being the favourite of all teachers, winning competitions and topping the school-college are their hallmarks.

There is no shortage of such students, you will find them in every school. After all, what happens in them that is not there in other students. What is it that makes them special.



I used to look in my school time too and still see that most of the students go to school just for fun. They do not mean anything by studying. They keep wasting their parents’ expectations and their precious time.

Such children regret a lot after completing school and college. And think that if we had paid attention to our studies at school or college time, we would have been better today and would have found ourselves in a good position.


In this post we especially school and college Students have stock for those who want to make a better and successful student themselves. This article will help a lot for those students who want to make themselves a Brilliant Students rather than an average student.


To become a successful student, it is necessary that you should have a big goal for your studies. The goal that you keep at the beginning of your class studies. Many students school go on there do not make a goal of studying and thus did Exam are coming on their heads do not even notice. Then at the time of exams, they start studying such that a marathon race is going to take place.

Such students do not know for what purpose they go to school. The student who has understood the purpose of his studies will always be at the top of his studies. Make a big goal for your studies. A goal that does not belong to anyone in that class. When you make a goal, you work honestly to achieve it and this hard work helps you to achieve the goal.

Your goal can be 90% Marks, 85% Marks, 80% Marks etc. anything according to your ability. If you make a goal, then you will be different from those students who do not have any goal.


We are taught to remain disciplined since childhood. Whether it is at home or at school. But there are very few students who follow discipline in the true sense. Whatever discipline is there, it is only for our betterment. We, however, deem it to snatch away our freedom. A Better Students is always within discipline. Therefore, we should follow the conditions created by the school-college.

Always keep yourself in discipline. You should be smart towards your home or college. Being smart means that even if you are at home, do not play fun or games at home. Rather keep a daily time table and routine.

With which you will be able to handle the study in addition to Gaming. Follow this routine honestly and keep yourself in the discipline you have created.


Having a positive thinking is important for every person and when it comes to be a better student then it is necessary for a student to have positive thinking. Thinking positive and staying positive keeps us away from many tension and troubles.

Thinking negatively, our whole mind and mind also become negative. Negative people find solutions for any work in a negative way. Which is not good for us?

You will always have to be positive towards your studies, towards yourself and as a student. It is not easy to become positive because negative people and negative environment can come in your way again and again. But it is easy for a positive student. At every difficult and bad time in your life, your right thinking can save you from wandering and can show you the right path. So, stay positive – be happy.


For a student, no work is more important than his studies. You should give highest priority to your study. Nothing should be increased for you more than your studies. It is the study that will prove you a good person or a bad person in the future.

Whatever you learn in your school-college life, it becomes your personality. If you are a student, you should pledge to bring good results in every exam.

By bringing a good position in studies, you can give your parents true happiness that you cannot give anywhere else because your parents do so much for you. If you bring the best position in your studies, then it is no less than a gift for them.

You can do this only if you do your studies daily. Make a study schedule every day and study only then you will be ready for the exam by reading a little every day. Which will make you successful in studies.


Today the world is changing rapidly, so today it is necessary that any person should get out of their current situation and try to learn whatever new is happening in our society or in this world. Days after days, you must have seen how technology is changing, now the era of updates has come. That is, not everything is old today, but the new version makes it new.

Change yourself too. Renew your old thinking Leave the bad habits and adopt good habits. Read good books, read biographies of famous people, read good blogs on the internet. Make a habit of learning and learn anything new.

This habit of learning will improve you in advance and you will get better from day to day. So, learn well and be good.


If you must keep a constant focus in studies, then it becomes very important to motivate yourself. It will not be necessary that you will speak to your parents, teachers or anyone else to study every day. You must motivate yourself to study. You must make yourself the person who charges you again if you deviate from the study, and you keep the focus on the study.

When I myself studied in school-college life, many times my focus was diverted from studies. Meaning that if I studied well for two days, then four days would have passed without studying. Then I had learned that if you must study with focus then you must be motivated from inside.

I used to read good books to motivate myself and many times good music which motivates us to move forward. Therefore, you should also thicken yourself to keep concentration on your studies and keep yourself moving forward.


There are more than 70% of such people in the world who always waste their time and who do not know the value of time. Time is the tool that can get you Success as well as Failures. It is necessary to have the right time management to be successful.

If you are not able to manage your time, then you are sure to fail and if you are successful then that success will be helpful.

If you want big success, then consider it as a good tool and use it correctly. Differences of time occur in a Topper Student and Average Student. The topper student uses the time correctly and pays attention to his studies, the same average student spends his time playing and hitting.

This difference of the two makes one topper and one an average student. So, know the value of your time and do not waste it unnecessarily.


A sign of the Best Students is that their friends are also very good and clever. Your students are identified with how you are a student. Always keep yourself with good students. You will become like you live in the company. School – There are all kinds of students in college, in addition to good children, there are also crooks and bad students.

If you stay with Bad Students, then their Bad Habits will start coming to you and you will also become like them. When you are with Good Students, you will also learn good things and respect from them. With which you will have Self Improvement and you will get better.

It is important for every person to be in a good company. Consistency can make a good person bad, then it can also make a bad person smarter. So always keep yourself with good company and friends.


Success is often found more for those people who have a guide or a person who is a motivator or ideal. As soon as such students start going on the wrong track, their guru or ideal prevents them from going on that path. Due to which they are saved from going in a wrong way. I believe that there should be such an individual with every human being who is his true companion or guru.

Here, you do not understand the guru who used to be a sage in olden times. Rather your mentor can be your elder brother, elder sister, your parents or your elder family who gives you good advice and the right path without selfishness. If you have such a person with you then you are lucky but if you do not, you can get it.

In your family or in your society, you will find people who want to pursue others. Just find them correctly. If you get such an ideal, then your studies will start becoming very easy and good. If you have grown in your family, then use your experience and knowledge as a role model for your siblings.


You will always have to walk alone if you are studying or living. There will be many occasions in life when you will not have the people who are always present with you. This can happen many times when you alone must push yourself in the path of life and solve your problems.

If you are in studies or carer, if someone supports you, then it is very good, but never depend on that person. If you want to remain dependent, then stay on yourself.

So, it becomes important that you are always engaged to improve yourself. Whether he is physically or mentally, he keeps improving himself. We are always our best friends. But we keep finding friends outside. The day you make yourself friends, on that day you will not have to sit in trust of anyone else.

You alone will be able to do anything. So, if you want to become a better student then make yourself better and trust yourself.


Friends! I still remember when I used to study in my school or college, how I used to keep on improving myself and learning more. There was more than one student in our class and learning from them and defeating them in studies was like a very fun game.

If we want to be different from others or to be different, then we must give the result separately. Something must be done differently that other people do not.

If you also want to become a better student, then you will have to do something different from other students in your school – college, only then your identity will be different. Therefore, adopt the tips mentioned in this post completely in your life and make yourself a successful student.



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