7 tips to keep children away from mobile phones

When we give the phone to our child for the first time, we are happy to see the way the kids operate the mobile phone. And we think that our child is very smart, but when we do not pay attention to the reasons of overwork on children and this small mistake of ours becomes the cause of bad habits of children which directly affect the education and health of children.

How to remove the habit of children mobile? If you do, then we should pay attention to the routine of our children and if your child spends a lot of time on the phone, then you should try to focus his attention on other things instead of the phone 7 tips to keep children away from mobile phones

The light radiation emitted from the smartphone at night has a direct effect on the eyes compared to the day, so children should be kept away from using mobile in the dark at night When kids are connected to a smartphone, they don’t like being anywhere without a phone or mobile. So instead of getting angry with them in this situation, spend time with them in some games and other activities so that the child’s attention can be diverted from the mobile 7 tips to keep children away from mobile phones 7 tips to keep children away from mobile phones

Children should never make false promises, it is often seen that parents tell their children that you will finish their homework early and then you will give them smartphone to operate. Then in such a situation, all children have a smartphone with a focus. Because of this, children complete their studies faster, but if children do not have a smartphone, then they will have negative feelings towards their parents. As children grow up, children will lose trust in their parents.


So parents should avoid making such promises to their children and if they have asked their children to deliver at a certain time then they should. So that the trust of the child is in the parents.

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