A person adopted a unique way to correct the name in the ration card due to system error.

We keep a ration card in our house, because of the ration card we can get cheap food grains at home. Ration card is an identity and document issued by the government due to which we can avail the benefits of the government scheme.

Many identity cards are given by the Government of India in which we are given many identity cards like ration card, election card. We keep our family names in the ration card. The name of every member of our household is in the ration card. We register the name in the ration card at the government office.

In the name of ration card, we are often troubled by the name. When we go to register our name in the ration card, many times there is a mistake in our name, so we have to push the offices to correct it. One such video is going viral on social media. It is not known where the video that is going viral in social media is from but because of the mistake in the person’s name, the person is protesting it in a unique way.

By writing kutta instead of dukka in a person’s ration card name, that person goes to the higher authority barking like a dog. This video is becoming very viral in social media and people are enjoying it.

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