A video of a child in the sea of ​​Diu has gone viral.

When we go for a walk in many places, many times while having fun, many incidents happen with us, now a family went for a walk in Diu and their child was left unattended.

A student studying in Class 10 at Advaita Vidyamandir School of Jasara village in Banaskantha district has died after drowning in the sea. A wave of grief has returned to the family after a student who went on a school trip drowned in the sea.

People need to be especially careful while going on a trip to the beach or river. While cases of drowning are frequent, a student of Banaskantha district has died after drowning in Diwan sea. A class 10 student of Advaita Vidyamandir School of Jasra village in Lakhni has died after drowning in the Divna sea. Following this incident, the family and the school have again felt a wave of grief. The video of Vidyathi before her death in the sea has also come to light.

According to the details received, the school students of Jasra village of Lakhni in Banaskantha district had gone on a Diwali vacation. Here all the students had to bathe at Nagwa beach. Where a student named Garva Trivedi, who was studying in class 10, died after drowning in the water. Due to this incident, the family was in mourning and a crisis of grief came over them.

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