Big update on cyclone biporjoy.

We know that cyclone Biporjoy is currently active in the sea. The system has become active due to this storm. The Meteorological Department is constantly giving updates regarding the possibility of Cyclone Biporjoy hitting the coast of Gujarat.

Monsoon season has started and the threat of storms also increases with its onset. Coastal people have been appealed to be careful by the system regarding Biporjoy cyclone. Also instructions have been given to store food items.

A yellow alert has been sounded in Gujarat as the dreaded Cyclone Biporjoy approaches the north. A number 9 distress signal has been installed in some districts of Gujarat. A signal number 9 has been installed at the ports of Kutch, Morbi, Jamnagar, Dwarka, Porbandar. While a signal number 3 has been installed at the ports of South Gujarat.

Not only this, 9 villages have been alerted in Rajula while 144 have been implemented in the coastal area of Kutch. 2 more teams of NDRF have arrived in Gujarat.

Meetings are also being held by the Gujarat government in the wake of the storm. Collectors and officials are being instructed to vacate the quarters. Warning signals have been put up on the coast of Gujarat.

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