At school, the student showed such magic that everyone was left watching.

While we used to watch the Madari game when we were younger, it is less common nowadays. A video is going viral on social media where a student is performing magic and everyone is watching. The act of mesmerizing an audience by demonstrating with the help of manual and mechanical devices awe-inspiring and impressive phenomena … Read more

Science city Aquatic Gallery ahmedabad

Science city Aquatic Gallery ahmedabad

Science city Aquatic Gallery ahmedabad: Nowadays, people have become very fond of traveling, they enjoy seeing new things and seeing new things, so the biggest fish house has been built in our Gujarat, which is not found anywhere in the world. Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat and the population is also the highest … Read more

Nose hair is a boon for the body, think before plucking nose hair

Everyone is troubled by facial hair and skin hair, but many men and some women are troubled by the hair in the nose. It’s natural to have nose hairs, but some people are so sensitive to their looks that they want to pluck them out of their noses. Why is there hair in the nose? … Read more