Lagan Shubh Muharat Vikram Savant 2080. Lagan muhrat 2023-24

In hidnu religion we observe Muharta before doing any work. Any person in it has to get married. Muharta and Choghadiya have to be seen according to customs to get married. According to this choghadiya, the marriage sharanas are resounding. Currently Vikram Sawant 2080 is going on as per Hindu kelendr. We will talk about … Read more

Auspicious marriage year 2022-23.

We all are associated with married life, when we are above 22 years of age, we think of getting married, our life takes a new direction. As per Hindu religion and custom we are looking for Muharta for marriage or doing any auspicious work then we will know about the auspicious Muharta in Vikram Sawant … Read more