Create marriage Kankotri in just 2 minutes from your mobile.

We know that nowadays when the time of marriage is going on, people are spending in many ways in marriage. People also have other enthusiasm in marriage. Then people also invite their relatives in the marriage. People also have to print kankotris to invite them to the wedding.

In our country, marriage is done with great pomp, many parties and dinners are held in the marriage, people start making preparations before the wedding. Kankotri is printed in marriage and new clothes are bought and kept. We also spend a lot of money on weddings. We are giving an invitation card to invite our friends.

We can now print the flyers that we want to invite our friends from our mobiles. We can invite our friends by sending it. When a man is born, then at the age of 21 to 30 years, he gets married. When he gets married, responsibility comes on him. Marriage is a bond of birth, so marriage is done with great care.

There is a best app for making wedding kankotri in which you can make your favorite kankotri and you can send it to your friends and invite your friends. If you want to download this app is available on play store.

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