Dantivada dam update Dantivada dem ketalu pani

At present, when the rainy season is going on, the Dantivada dam has received a good amount of water. Dantivada dam is similar to Jivadori dam of Banaskantha district, due to heavy rain in the upper reaches, water in Dantivada dam was in good quantity.

We know that now when the rainy season has stopped, many dams in Gujarat have received good amount of water, while Dantivada dam, the main dam of Banaskantha district in North Gujarat, has also received good amount of water. Farmers and people of Banaskantha are happy with the water coming from Dantivada dam.

Dantivada dam is located in Dantivada taluk of Banaskantha and this dam has total 12 gates and total surface of dam is 604 ft. If the dam is full then the water is released into Banas river. Farmers of Banaskantha are happy with the good amount of water received this year because there is hope that the water level will rise if the dam is filled.

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