During the Junagadh parikrama, the youth caught the monkey by its tail

We go to many places during the holidays and have fun but we also see in social media that many people are doing many activities while they are going for a walk.

In Junagadh, Leeli Parikrama has officially started, people are doing Leeli Parikrama to pay their respects. But an incident of monkey harassment has come to light during the circumambulation. In which the monkey is being harassed by the prankster holding the tail. It is worth mentioning that the forest department will take action after catching the prankster. Green circumambulation has been formally started in Junagadh in the presence of sadhu saints.

Then the circumambulation has been started from the gate of Mahant Indrabharti located in Bhavnath area. This Parikrama, which begins on Kartak Sud Ekadashi, is completed on Poonam. In such a situation, anger has spread among the people, including animal lovers, who came across the incident of a monkey harassing a pilgrim during the circumambulation. There is only one question in people’s minds about this incident that who is the animal in this.

In Girnar there is an ancient ‘Bhim Kund’ near a place called Ghi Ghatuko. Apart from this there is also ‘Surajkund’. Climbing up from the Kot comes the Rajul Cave and next comes the Satpuda spring there is also a small tank.

Kapildhara Kund and Kamandal Kund there is a grand idol of Mahakali and a tank called ‘Kapildhara’ near the place of Sacha Kaka. From there on the way to Guru Dattatreya comes ‘Kamandal Kund’

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