Finally late at night Mehul Boghra was attacked by Nodhai Grievance supporters who made a police cordon

A police complaint has been filed late at night that Mehul Boghra, a well-known lawyer from Surat, was attacked by an unknown person.

We know that extortionists and corruption are increasing day by day in Gujarat. Mehul Boghran, a lawyer from Surat who is known to expose extortionists, was often seen extorting people who were extorting money from the police.

Yesterday, when he was talking to an installment collector near Sarthana Police Station in Surat, a person came and started attacking Mehul Boghara with a stick.

Mehul Boghra video click here 

At that time thousands of youths surrounded the police station in support of Mehul Boghra and after that the police investigated the complaint.

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