Government of Gujarat for various agricultural equipments.

Hello friends, many things have become smarter these days. We know that in earlier times people did not have any tools but people used to drink water from wells and lakes instead of farming and cooking with oxen and now all modern tools have come due to modern inventions.

Now people have started cooking with gas. If you want to go from one village to another, cars and bikes have come. But all these modern equipments are very expensive and the farmer cannot afford them so our government has come up with a scheme of resource assistance for the farmers. If the government is helping us to take advantage of this scheme, we will get information about it.

The Government of Gujarat provides us with a number of tools and subsidies to benefit farmers in the interest of farmers:

Tractor, kaltivator,Rotavator,chap cutter,

pump set, tadpatri, plaw,land levlor,thresor,motor

Required documents;

Adhar card

Ration Card Bank passbook

Online apply – Click here

last date apply – 30/04/2021

More details – Click here

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