Gujarati voice typing apk 2022. Speak and type Gujarati

We know that nowadays everyone is getting smarter day by day and using smart phone as well as smart phone. Nowadays everyone can save a lot of time because of smart phone. If we have any work, we can do it immediately at home with the help of smart phone. In which we can get all the information of the world sitting at home.

As the world moves towards smart phones, we are using WhatsApp and many other apps in our mobiles. But we don’t use every app too much and spend a lot of time chatting in WhatsApp. We are texting friends and relatives in WhatsApp but for those of us who are bored of writing we will give you information about a voice typing app. If we are bored of writing then you can also type the dialect. You can also type in Gujarati language.

In this app you will be able to type and send the speech by heart, it will also save your time and you will not have to type text on the keypad from time to time to get an entertainment.

Download Gujarati voice typing apk

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