How to Check LPG Subsidy Account Number Online 2022

The government has again started giving subsidy on LPG cylinders. If you cook on LPG LPG then you are also entitled to LPG subsidy. Now the money has also arrived in the account of the customers. Now once you check your bank account whether the subsidy money came or not

Bank accounts can be re-activated in this way
However after opening crores of bank accounts across the country, and now after government instructions, the account has been deactivated due to no transaction, due to which you are not able to get the subsidy of your LPG gas cylinder. Alsounder the Jan Dhan Yojana, many accounts were opened at the same time, on which no transaction took place and they have also been deactivated, so you can go to your bank and activate your accounts by giving Pune Aadhaar and some necessary documents. You can get it done and get your LPG gas subsidy in your account.

These people get LPG subsidy
The subsidy of LPG is different in the states, people whose annual income is Rs 10 lakh or more, they are not given subsidy. This annual income of Rs 10 lakh should be inclusive of the income of both husband and wife

Why GAS subsidy is not coming?
Now the subsidy amount comes directly to the beneficiary’s account. But if the subsidy money is not coming in your account, then where can I complain? For your information, let us tell you that you can complain about this on the website of LPG gas provider companies. Or you can also register a complaint by calling the toll free number 18002333555.

Check LPG Subsidy Account Number Online
Read In Gujarati How to Check LPG Subsidy Account Number Online – Step By Step

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