If you are troubled by fever, cold, cough in the changing season, then adopt this native remedy.

Now that the rainy season is going on, we know that during the rainy season we are troubled by epidemics and fever, cold and cough. When we get sick, we have to suffer a lot. Many times when we have a cold, even if we go to the hospital, it does not get cured.

For cold we are cured by Ayurvedic treatment at home. When we have a cold, our nose runs, we get very disturbed. Even in our Ayurveda there is a lot of importance about indigenous remedies.

When it rains, we enjoy getting soaked but then we get fever and cold. If we eat turmeric milk and jaggery for cold cough, we get relief.

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Pineapple is a fruit that attracts us with its sweetness but its benefits are also more. Pineapple is very useful in diseases like cold, cough, it contains many antibiotics.

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