Important announcement regarding Grade Pay

There has been a demand to increase the salary of Gujarat Police for a long time now. Today, on the eve of Independence Day, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel tweeted that the funds have been approved for the welfare of the policemen’s families. As Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel tweeted, accepting the recommendations of the meetings and committee for the welfare of policemen and their families in Gujarat, the annual budget of Rs. 550 crore has been sanctioned Grade Pay

The first meeting of the members was organized under the chairmanship of the committee chairman on 30/10/2021 at the office of PO Maha and MPO Officer in which the members of the committee/their representatives were present. In the meeting, all the districts/cities of the state of Gujarat have been divided into 05 zones and it was decided to organize a meeting in the presence of the committee members in 05 zones for the purpose of hearing the various complaints of the representatives of the employees in a free atmosphere.


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