Know what is the rule whether unmarried or couple can be arrested by the police.

We know that the constitution of India requires many rules and laws to be followed. If we do not know this rule, we often get into trouble.

Many a times we have heard videos and news where police catch us and harass us wrongly when we are with our girl friend in hotel or car. When we are in the hotel, they try to scare us, we don’t know the law, so we feel scared.

When we are in a hotel or in a car with our girlfriend, the police have no power to arrest us. If the police come when the couple is in the hotel, they can check and ask for evidence like Aadhaar card and if the girl is above eighteen years of age and has come to the hotel with her consent, then the police can’t do anything.

The police can catch and prosecute you if you commit physical acts in public. If your car is parked in your house and enjoying private moments then no action can be taken but doing such act in public is a crime.

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