Learn how to avoid fraud through video

Friends, the advantages of mobile and internet are many but the disadvantages are also the same. One of them is online fraud. When any wrongdoing or money is stolen by stealing your personal information, it is called online fraud. Online fraud can be done in many ways, which we will discuss and also explain its solution Learn how to avoid fraud through video

The biggest reason for online fraud is that people (users) are not aware of it. When a fraudster is tempted to use the Internet to steal your data, you (the user) have to be vigilant about it yourself and keep your personal information safe. If we are vigilant about online fraud and follow some rules, then we can avoid the loss caused by it Learn how to avoid fraud through video

How to avoid online fraud? How to avoid fraud online
Friends, there are many types of online frauds such as online shopping, internet banking, malware apps, calls or messages etc. So let’s know about them in detail Know how to avoid fraud

Beware of Apps
• Friends, nowadays there is an app available for every work, so that our work becomes easy. But there are many such fraud and malware apps on the internet that steal our data and cheat us. Which we don’t even know about.

• To avoid such fraud, we should download the app only from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Do not download any third party apps that are available on the internet. There are many types of fraud apps available on the internet, which we should avoid.

Make online transactions secure
• While doing any online transaction, be sure to choose the right medium and check whether it is secure or not.

• Access the account only on a secure website or network that has https written in it. The letter s in http denotes a secure website.


Be careful in online shopping
• Friends, we and many of you do online shopping. But there are many things to keep in mind while shopping online. You should choose a shopping platform that is secure and reliable and do not save the card details on the shopping website whenever you make a payment.

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