Mini Solar power Generator Every appliance in the house will work

We know that in the rainy season, the light goes off in our house and the house gets dark. If there is no light in the house, we have to face a lot of problems, but now you don’t have to wait for light. Mini Solar Power Generator has come in the market which will be very useful in every home.

This generator will be charged by sunlight and it will be very useful for us whenever there is light. We can even run every bulb and fan in the house. This generator is light in weight that we can easily rotate it.

This generator has a power of 42000 mah and its price is only 19 thousand rupees which is available in the market and online. This generator runs devices like mobile charge, laptop, mini TV, fan at home.

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Using this generator at home will also save electricity bills and anyone can buy it as its price is just like a smart phone.

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