Now the phone will also come with DSLR-like photos. Know the trick

We all are using smart phones, we have seen many technologies being used in them, nowadays people are very fond of short videos and photography. Wherever we go, we immediately take a picture. There are many apps for taking photos on our mobiles but if the photos are not good, we are in trouble.

Nowadays people are uploading many photos and videos in social media to earn their name. Even in our area, we see many people who are uploading photos and videos on their phones to get their name. We edit photos in many ways and post them on social media.

You don’t need to worry if your phone is taking bad photos, you can now take photos like a DSLR camera with the help of your smart phone, you can also take photos from your mobile.

Your smartphone should have a flash light, it makes it easy to click photos at dusk. You can also use the camera lens attachment to click photos. These are very cheap and help in clicking the best photos.

It is very important to take care of the lighting while doing photography because if the lighting is right then you don’t need to do any special settings. If you do photography outdoors, you don’t need to make separate arrangements for lighting. Normal photo quality will be good and you will not have to do any editing. If you take a photo in this way, you can also take a photo from your mobile that looks like your photo in the camera.

When you take a photo, focus on the person or thing, even if you zoom the photo, the photo will not be good. Keep the flash light on while taking the photo.

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