World’s richest village in Gujarat

World's richest village in Gujarat

World’s richest village in Gujarat: In this country we talk and hear about many rich people and villages. Many rich people live in India. Also, have you ever known which is the richest village in your Gujarat? And what are its residents doing? And since when was this village prosperous? Read the information below to … Read more

નમો લક્ષ્મી યોજના 2024 || Namo Laxmi yojana 2024

We know that currently the budget session is going on in Gujarat. While many announcements are made in many fields during this session, now a new scheme has also been announced. The name of this scheme is namo laxmi yojana. Many schemes are released by the central government and the state government. Then there are … Read more

Gujarat Weather Update

Gujarat Weather Update

Gujarat Weather Update: Matha news has come to the fore once again for the farmers. Meteorological department forecast from 1 to 5 December – the weather will change again. 5 days of intermittent rain may occur. There is a possibility of rainfall in Dahod, Panchmahal, Kheda, Mahisagar. Rainfall may occur due to the activation of … Read more

mobile side effects

mobile side effects

mobile side effects: Many studies have proved how harmful excessive use of smart phones is for our health. This affects our eyes and the rays emanating from it are also harmful for our skin. Excessive use of smart phones prevents you from sleeping at night and your daily routine gets disturbed. You start sleeping late … Read more

ચૂંટણી પહેલાં બજેટમાં ખેડૂતો માટે સરકાર લઈ શકે છે મોટો નિર્ણય | Gujarat Budget 2024

We know that the government is giving many benefits to the farmers, but once again the Gujarat government can give good news for the farmers in the budget. When the government releases the budget every year, it makes allocations in many sectors. Then this year farmers can also be given a big gift. In the … Read more

Hanumanji arrived to see Ramlalla.

A message that a monkey has entered the temple premises during the aarti in the temple of Lord Shri Ram, who is the Lord of Hinduism and has become famous now, is going viral on social media. An incident at Aayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi is being discussed a lot in social media. The message is claiming … Read more