Panipuri lovers must watch this video.

We see many crunchy snacks in the market and we also eat such things. Such things are harmful to our digestion but we eat and we do not know where these things are made. We don’t know if the place where these things are made is clean or not.

Currently the most popular breakfast item is pakodi. We eat pakodi wherever we go and pakodi is found in every city and village. But we do not know about the cleanliness of the place where pakodi is made, we also do not know what utensils are used to make pakodi. Currently, a video of the place where pakodi is made is going viral on social media.

A video of making pakodi in a residential area in Rajkot is going viral in which it is seen that pakodi is being made in a way that harms the health of people. No cleanliness is maintained for this.

These people do not use lemons but lemon flowers to make water sour. Lemon flowers are very harmful for health. Dr Jayesh Vakani said that consumption of lemon flower products can lead to acidity and intestinal diseases.

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