People were stunned to see the idea of ​​two Gujarati youths.

We see many new things in social media. Many people make many things by playing desi jugad. There are many people in our country and world who have made many things with their hard work.

Two youths from the city of Surat in Gujarat have played such a game. These youngsters have built a robot that runs on the road and also built a bike that runs on one tire. Seeing this work of two 22-year-old youths, everyone has been amazed. mechanic engineer youths are currently gaining popularity.

Although the economic situation of these two youths is very poor, they have earned their name through their education and hard work. Currently, social media and YouTube are talking about him.

In this regard, the young man said that our family is originally from Uttar Pradesh. My father has been operating a flour mill in Surat for many years. When I was studying in class 9, I used to go to school in an auto rickshaw.

These youngsters have built a single tire powered scooter and a robot powered horse carriage. Everyone was amazed to see the technique of these youngsters.

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