Strange video of flying deer went viral

Watching wild animals can be an amazing experience! One such video is going viral on social media, in which a deer is seen jumping about 7 feet in the air, which has left social media users mesmerized. In the video, a deer jumps long and high from one end to the other in an attempt to cross the road. The video, shot in slow motion, shows the height and length covered by the deer during

jump. It’s like an animal is flying in the airs the deer jumps higher, it lands safely in the opposite direction and runs into the forest. Meanwhile, a person who watches this incident live is stunned The video has been shared by the Wildlens Eco Foundation on Twitter with a caption that reads, ‘

The gold medal for long & high jump goes toThe video was shared by IFS officer Praveen Kaswan, who often shares interesting videos of animalsThe video is going viral on social media right now. People are liking the video very much. Friends, you have seen the video. How did you like the video

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