The young man broke the security of the PM and ran

The security of the Prime Minister of our country is very strict. Prime Minister’s security spg commands. Whenever the Prime Minister goes to any place, he also gets separate security.

We once saw that the Prime Minister’s security was missed in Punjab. Then again the incident of lapse in the security of Prime Minister Modi has come to light. A major case of breach of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security has come to light in Karnataka

During PM Modi’s road show, a young man suddenly ran towards him and came very close. In fact, this young man wanted to garland the Prime Minister with flowers. For this, he broke the SPG alliance without thinking and reached out to PM Modi. Seeing this, spg commandos surrounded him and took away the youth.


PM Modi was doing a road show in his car in Hubli, Karnataka, during which he opened the door of his car and greeted people. Meanwhile, a young man came running and wanted to garland the PM, while the spg commando chased him away.


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