The young man brought a foreign girl and picked grass

The culture of India is attracting foreign people so much that foreign women are coming to India and marrying the local people of India. This trend has been going on for the last several years. Foreign women come to India and adopt the culture here and help in its work. Seeing these women doing all this, everyone’s heart starts swinging with joy. In one such video we saw a woman from Australia doing it viral video

foreigner picked up a bundle of hay
For some time, a video of an Australian woman named Courtney is becoming quite viral. In the viral video, she can be seen helping her Haryanvi husband with household and farm work. In the video, Kourtney is carrying a bundle of hay with her husband Lovleen. She is carrying this bundle of grass by keeping it on her head viral video


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This video is posted by Lovleen on her Instagram. While posting, Loveleen put in the caption that ‘Mera Bhagya Mil Gaya’. Posted a week ago, this reel has got more than 2 lakh likes.

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