There are many benefits of eating jaggery in winter. Jaggery provides energy for immunity.

To keep our body healthy we need to eat a balanced diet we should eat healthy food. We know that our forefathers also used to eat a complete native diet and did not get any diseases. We should eat energy-rich foods to boost our immune system.

There are three seasons in our environment, winter, summer and monsoon, but winter requires more energy for us. In winter we eat food that gives strength to the body. Jaggery is very useful for providing energy to our body in winter. Eating jaggery does not cause any disease in our body and protects our body against disease.

Before believing that jaggery is very good, it is necessary to know jaggery available in the market and its types. There are two types of jaggery available in the market; A pure looking pale yellow gourd and another dark chocolate like gourd. There is also a difference in the taste of both. Dark colored jaggery known as natural, organic or desi jaggery is slightly plump and salty while yellow jaggery is more sweet, hence non-organic.

Eating jaggery does not cause stomach ailments. Those who have gas or acidity problems should eat jaggery. Eating jaggery on an empty stomach after waking up in the morning improves digestion and also increases appetite. So jaggery is very useful for us.

Jaggery is rich in iron. Jaggery removes hemoglobin deficiency. Consuming jaggery increases the amount of red blood cells in the body and cures anemia. Keeps the blood pure. Removes excess waste from the blood.

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