There were 52 mangoes in a bunch of mangoes

There are three main seasons on earth: winter, summer and monsoon. According to these seasons, we see different contributions in many seasons. Saffron mango is grown in Gir and Kutch areas of Gujarat. Which is very juicy and which is also very expensive.

When mangoes are eaten more in the months of April and May in summer, people tend to eat more mangoes to get relief from heat. And in our country, in all contributions, mango is called the king of fruits. Our country also carries the national fruit. And Carrie loves everyone.

At that time, a video of Saurashtra area of ​​Gujarat is going very viral. There are 52 mangoes in a single cluster on a branch of a mango tree. Everyone was amazed to see a bunch of 52 mangoes at once. And his video is go


The mangoes are in the same way that grapes are in the same cluster. The caries are said to be a video of a farm at Anil Farm in Gir.

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