These are the symptoms of monkeypox in children that parents should pay special attention to.

A new disease called Monkeypox is currently being observed in our country. This is a dangerous disease and it is being seen from animals to humans. Two years ago, a disease called corona virus came in our country, corona has spread all over the world, the cases of corona are decreasing, a new virus called monkeypox has arrived. This virus was first found in monkeys and has since spread to humans. At present, the cases of monkeypox are increasing day by day in our country and the government and administration are also working to create awareness among the people.

Monkeypox virus is likely to prove dangerous to children because children have not been vaccinated against smallpox. They come in more contact with each other. Children are also unable to take care of hygiene. If they are infected with monkeypox, the virus can live in them for several days, causing high fever and body rashes.

This disease is an infectious and contagious disease, if one person has it and is not taken care of, then the infection can spread to another person, so this disease requires more care than corona and this infection is more spread among children. Therefore, children should be given more attention.In this disease, the parents of the child should be very careful that if the child has a fever, then medicine should be brought immediately and if the medicine does not cure, the government has started many lab tests, if your child’s sample should be taken.

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