This thing that happens in summer is very beneficial for the body.

We make many efforts to keep our body healthy. If our body is healthy, we can do everything. In our life we ​​eat many foods which help to preserve our body. There are many foods that harm the body and many that are beneficial for us.

Currently we see in the market that there are many types of snacks which are harming our body and making us sick. For that we should avoid eating fried foods from the market.

Gunda trees are very large and their leaves are glossy. People of South India, Gujarat and Rajasthan use gunda leaves in place of nagarvel leaves. Gunda leaves also taste like nagarvel leaves. There are three to four different species of Gunda tree, but there are two main ones called Lameda and Lasoda in Hindi. These varieties are also very famous with the names of small gunda and big gunda. The wood of the gunda tree is very sticky and strong.

In Gujarati it is called Gunda. It is called “Lasoda” in Hindi and is rich in calcium and phosphorus Bones become strong, brain develops, blood deficiency in the body is removed. Raw gunda is used as vegetable and pickle, ripe gunda is sweet and the sticky gunda-like juice that comes out from inside is also sweet. The wood of gunda tree is very useful, it is used to make various things, tribal people use it a lot.

ગુજરાતી મા વાંચવા માટે – અહી ક્લિક કરો 

Gunda is a tree whose fruit, bark, and leaves can be used. You can consume gunda in many ways, you can also make a decoction of its leaves. You can also make a decoction of gunda fruit, its bark powder, gunda fruit juice.

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