Touch anywhere in all radio stations with the best technology.

We know that in earlier times when people didn’t have such smart phones, people used to get news from radio and also get songs from radio. Nowadays smart phones have come with everyone and technology has reached everyone.

Now a days technology has advanced so much that if we have any work we can do it online at home we can get every information at home. Even when our country got independence, people did not have smart phones. At that time, people used to have radios, you also saw the radios, we handled the morning and evening news from the radio and also handled the songs on the radio, we took pleasure from it.

There are radio stations in many places in Gujarat also there are radio stations in Vadodara and Ahmedabad in this radio station we can listen to news in Gujarati and there are radio stations in many places in India.

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Now there is a technology in the world in which we can listen live from any radio station in the world. We can listen to news and songs from any radio station we touch anywhere in the world map sitting at home.

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