Weather News: There will be a big movement in the atmosphere

On the one hand, the Meteorological Department also said that the scorching heat will increase in the atmosphere from Monday. A yellow alert has been predicted in Ahmedabad from May 9. After that, the temperature will increase by 3-4 degrees. Then on this side Ambalal said that this year monsoon is going to start at the regular time i.e. from 15th June. Weather News

The humidity will gradually increase in the weather and monsoon will begin after the clouds settle down, although the signs of monsoon are good now. Ambalal has expressed the possibility of thunderstorms before the onset of monsoon. They are also saying that the pre-monsoon signs are looking favourable.

It has also said that the temperature will reach 44 degrees in some districts of the state. Speaking further, Ambalal Patel said that between the heat and unseasonal rains, the monsoon will be good now. He said that the current movement of animals, birds and animals in the atmosphere is a good sign for monsoon.

In the near future, the amount of moisture in the atmosphere will increase. It has also been said that premonsoon activity has started in Gujarat from today itself. However, there will be a heat wave in the state in the near future. Due to the cyclone in the Bay of Bengal, Gujarat will experience heat wave from May 8.

ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

Cyclone Rodra will assume form from May 10-11. In which heat will increase in Anand and Vadodara. If the monsoon starts at the appointed time, then the farmers will also get relief. It is to be mentioned that unseasonal rain is falling all over Gujarat. Due to which people have got relief from scorching heat. Although now Ambalal is eagerly waiting for the monsoon, he has given a good news saying that the monsoon will be good and the farmers are also in a happy mood.

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