What Is Home Remedies For Piles Treatment?

There are many products in the country, in which plastic is used. Whether it is your favorite candy or packing with plastics of anything. But from now on you will not see single use of plastic. Because Prime Minister Narendra Modi took an oath to phase out the use of single use plastic 4 years ago. After this, from July 1, these rules will be followed completely. From now on the use of Single Use Plastic will be banned. Let us know what is the new guideline regarding this.

Plastic products are preferred because they are very easy to use. Once used it is thrown away. That’s why they are also very cheap. But let us tell you that the easier and cheaper the plastic is to use, the more it harms our environment. And if there is no environment then our life will also end, so a campaign is being run to ban plastic on the world star.

પ્લાસ્ટીકના ઉપયોગને લઈને સૌથી મોટો નિર્ણય 

The most common single use plastics are carry bags, plastic water bottles, plastic bottle caps, cups, plates, disposable products, empty food packets, plastic grocery bags, plastic water pouches, plastic wrappers, Straw and other types of plastic bags etc. Along with this, some main polymers have to be used in the production of this type of plastic.

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