While reading the news, the woman fell down, the video went viral.

We hear about all the happenings in the world. Nowadays the cases of heart attack are increasing day by day. Heart attacks are a matter of concern in the world, heart attacks are increasing even among young people. To avoid heart attack we should eat healthy food at home.

We hear every news in the news but an incident happened which millions of people watched live. A woman anchor was reading the news and suddenly she had a heart attack and she fell down and millions of people watched this live heart attack.


Heart attacks can happen anytime now and now an anchor suffered a heart attack while reading the news. A female anchor of a news channel in America fainted while giving a weather report in a live show. The rest of the team were also taken aback by the anchor’s fainting. It is being reported that female anchor Alyssa Carlson is already battling a heart-related ailment. In the year 2014 also, a similar incident happened with Carlson.

The video of the incident with American female anchor Alisha Kirshen during the live show is currently going viral on social media. In the video, it is seen that the two women are first starting the live show and then giving weather information along with Alisha Kalsaran. The female anchor starts talking and feels dizzy and falls down.

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