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Under this scheme the use of LED bulbs is to be promoted across the country So that the consumption of electricity in the country can be reduced and the use of electricity can be made full use of electricity in other areas like agricultural irrigation, factory etc. for the progress of the country. Successful implementation of this scheme will also help in achieving the goal of providing 24 hours electricity to every household by the government.

Under this scheme, the use of LED bulbs will reduce the consumption of electricity and the amount of carbon emitted due to excessive consumption of electricity will also reduce. Due to which the environment will also be protected.
Under this scheme, the government is giving subsidy on the cost of LED bulbs with a guarantee of 2.5 -3 years on these bulbs.Reason LED bulbs will be available at 40% less than the market price.
The purpose of giving subsidy under this scheme is to promote the use of LED bulbs.
Through this scheme, the countrymen have to be made aware to reduce the consumption of electricity.

Under the UJALA scheme, electrical equipment can be purchased at MRP through the government-appointed CSC (Common Service Center) digital service portal.
Under this scheme, at least 50 LED bulbs, 20 tube lights and 4 ceiling fans can be purchased at affordable prices. To buy these devices, you have to place an order at your nearest csc (common service center).
Under the UJALA scheme, EESL

Cash or EMI Prices for LED Bulb / Tube Light / Fan under UJALA Gujarat Yojana

Bulb/Tube-light/Fan By Cash By EMI
LED Bulb Rs. 65 per bulb Rs. 70 per bulb
LED Tube-light Rs. 210 per tube-light Rs. 230 per tube-light
Five-star rated energy efficient Fan Rs. 1,110 per fan Rs. 1,260 per fan
  • The scheme will not require any subsidy from the Government of India.
  • The scheme will have no effect on electricity rates.

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