Chandryan 3 Latest Image, Imazine images moon.

We know that currently India has launched Chandrayaan 3. Chandrayaan 3 reached the surface of the Moon from Earth in about 40 days. When Chandryan launched, many photos of it were provided by ISRO.

India too has now started to walk in the ranks of the world. The countries of the world have done many researches on the earth and also done many researches on the moon and mars. Now Indian scientists have also sent their mission named Chandrayaan 3 to the surface of the moon. The spacecraft will study the land on the Moon as well as its surface.

Currently, a photo has gone viral on social media in which the photo of the Earth has been taken from the surface of the Moon. The photo is going viral with many beliefs in it. In Hindu scriptures and Puranas, our earth is described as resting on the head of Shesnath. Science has not yet accepted this. Many times we laugh at the pictures in which Prithvi is seen standing on top of Seshnath but science has not found any evidence about it yet and this has not been proved yet.

Astronomers believe that the earth rests on Seshnanth’s head. However, there is no concrete evidence about this yet. We also have clear images of Earth that do not show such a thing. This may be a religious belief but science has yet to come up with such evidence.

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Vikram lander was put into sleep mode on September 2. Scientists hope that the Vikram lander will wake up on September 22. Because currently there are 14 days of night on the moon. Currently, the lander and rover are at rest on the Moon for 14 days at 280 degrees Celsius. The equipment is currently shut down due to exposure to sunlight.

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