Is the body stiff after waking up in the morning?

In today’s busy life, finding time for yourself has become a difficult task. Due to this it has become difficult to maintain my hobbies. Rather, it has the biggest impact on our physical and mental health. Due to haste, we have become addicted to junk and packaged food. Due to which immunity and digestion are affected the most. Mental health has also been harmed due to extra work pressure. Due to this, we feel lazy and weak even after sleeping. Now it is difficult to reduce work stress. But you can definitely relax yourself by adopting some things.

Today in this article of Health Shots, we will tell you about 5 such tips which can help you in getting relief from fatigue and weakness.

Try these 5 tips to get relief from fatigue and weakness
1. Stretching exercises
Due to fatigue and weakness, one often starts feeling stiffness in the body. In such a situation, if you do some easy stretching exercises or yoga, it can give you a lot of relief. Stretching helps in opening up the muscles of the body. This can help your body and mind to relax.

2. Meditation will keep you mentally relaxed
There can be no better option than meditation to remain mentally relaxed. If you feel tired and lethargic when you wake up in the morning, the reason could be your unhealthy sleep pattern and mental stress. Therefore, sit in an open place and meditate for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Oil massage will give relief
Lukewarm oil massage will help in relaxing the muscles. This will make your body active and will also provide relief from lethargy and fatigue. Also, doing some stress relief therapies will also help in mentally relaxing.

4. Have an energy boosting breakfast
By having breakfast, your body will remain energetic throughout the day. For this you can also take healthy fruits and juice or soaked dry fruits. During this period the meal should be heavy but low in calories.

5. Take bath with hot water
Bathing with hot water will relax your body and make you feel active. Hot water will work like heat therapy on your body, which will help you a lot in feeling fit and active. This is considered to be the easiest and most effective way to get instant relief from lethargy and fatigue. Along with activating the muscles, hot water will also help in giving relief from mental stress.

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