Lokshabha Election Gujatat members list 2024.

We all know that now the Lok Sabha elections are approaching. At that time, preparations for the Lok Sabha elections have also started in Gujarat. Talking about BJP candidates for Lok Sabha seats in Gujarat, Amit Shah from Gandhinagar and Gujarat BJP President C. from Navsari. R. Apart from the expected announcement of Patil’s name, candidates have been announced on 13 other seats.

The Lok Sabha is the lower house of the Parliament of India. According to the Indian Constitution, the Lok Sabha can have a maximum of 552 members. The tenure of the Lok Sabha is a maximum of five years after which fresh elections are held.

Parliament is the central legislative body of the Government of India. It is bicameral and consists of the President and both the Houses of the Legislature. The upper house of the legislature is the Rajya Sabha and the lower house is the Lok Sabha. Parliament has the power to make laws.

After deliberating on a bill, it becomes law only after the assent of both the Houses and the signing of the bill by the President.

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