Mera Ration Application.

We know that many times new schemes are released by the government. Our country is very backward economically and poverty is also seen in our country. At that time, many schemes are brought by the government for the poor in the country.

In our country, food grains are given by the government for the poor, but there is no information about the amount of food we are entitled to receive. An application has been launched by the government to get information about how much grain we will get.

The name of the app launched by the government is mera ration. In which you will get all information related to ration. A list of the names of your families and how much grain you are entitled to per person. That information will also be available through this app.

Millions of people have downloaded this app and the rating of the app is also very good. If you also want to get information related to ration, then you can download the app.

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