The young man turned the tire and started the track like a generator.

Around us, many people are playing desi juga and doing new experiments. Be it a vehicle or useless things, they make new tools and do new experiments. Currently, a video is going viral in social media. So many people like this young man and get mesmerized after seeing his art.

Around you, you see many people pushing bikes or cars and start laughing. If you see many people turning the bike tire and start it, there is no shortage of talented people in our country. A video is going viral on social media. Turns the heavy truck tires on. First of all, a piece of cloth is tied to the tire of the truck and then the truck is started by turning it.

Click here video

You are wondering how to start such a big truck, but seeing this person’s desi juga everyone is surprised and people are saluting this person.

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