ways to remove stones

What does stone mean, ways to remove stone, reasons for stone formation, stone treatment in Gujarati, symptoms Nowadays the problem of stone is increasing a lot. Get rid of kidney stones with this remedy without operation, the pain of kidney stones is very unbearable, but many people suffer from kidney stones due to the fear of operation. But even without operation, the stones can be opened or removed. Let’s know the solution. ways to remove stones

Consuming excessive amounts of chocolate, sugar, cold drinks, sweets, paneer, cheese can also cause stones. There are various reasons for the formation of stones, such as dehydration occurs when the amount of liquid in the body decreases. In which the problem of stones can occur due to urine being thick, more alkaline. ways to remove stones

Ways to remove stones Remove stones without operation with this method: –
Keep 50 gms of bud at night and take it in the morning after mixing it with water. By drinking this water every morning, the stone dissolves.
By drinking cow’s milk buttermilk mixed with Sindh salt daily, stones come out of the urine.
Mixing lemon juice in coconut water and drinking it daily removes stones.
Stones get dissolved by drinking a mixture of and turmeric buttermilk.
Drinking bitter gourd juice with buttermilk removes stones.
The best and effective remedy for kidney stones is water. If the stone is small by drinking plenty of water, then it gets removed on its own.
Consuming Rajma twice a week, the fiber present in it dissolves the stones, due to which the stone comes out through the urethra and provides relief.
Stones are dissolved by drinking the juice of elderberry and consuming it during the season never causes stones.
Mixing Indus salt in lemon juice and drinking it slowly, the stone dissolves.
Mixing olive oil in lemon juice and drinking it with lukewarm water during the day is beneficial in kidney stones. ways to remove stones
Eating watermelon helps in dissolving the potassium present in it. Consuming watermelon during summer gives relief in stones and they dissolve automatically.

What is kidney stone? What is stone :-
In Ayurveda, stones have been called ashmari. Due to Vata dosha, along with the urine and bile along with the spermatozoa present in the urinary bladder, phlegm also dries up and then stones are formed. When this stone comes in the urinary tract, there is obstruction in urination and it hurts a lot. ways to remove stones

Ways to remove stones: –
Stone treatment by Variyali:-
Variyali’s effect is considered cold. Take 50-50 grams of Variyali, dry rice, and sugar and soak them in 1.5 cups of water at night. By drinking this water for a few times or in the morning, the stone will pass through the urine within a few days. ways to remove stones

ગુજરાતી માં માહિતી માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

Stone treatment by use of Tulsi:-
Tulsi has been used in the treatment of kidney stones since ancient times. Keep eating 8-10 Tulsi leaves by chewing them every day. Tulsi contains acidic elements and other essential oils which help in breaking the stones and passing urine. ways to remove stones

Use of betel leaf in stone removal methods: –
Grind the betel leaf by putting it in water. By adding a pinch of black pepper powder to it and consuming it continuously for two weeks, the stones will dissolve and come out. ways to remove stones

Stone removal remedies with lemon and olive oil:

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