360 degree view of dubai

You must have heard that the earth rotates on its axis, but have you ever heard of a revolving building. You will be surprised to hear about it because it will be the first such wonder to be prepared in the world. Sir, we are talking about a building whose floors can rotate up to 360 degrees. Now you must be thinking how this can happen but this is the truth sir. Soon you will also come to know about it. 360 degree view of dubai

Dynamic Tower started to be built in 2008

A company started building the Dynamic Tower Hotel in 2008. When the construction of this building was started, it was planned that every floor of it should rotate 360 degrees. Well now this wait is going to end soon. This unique building will be ready in the year 2020. The height of this building is 1375 feet. There are a total of 80 floors in this building. 360 degree view of dubai The building has been designed in such a way that each of its floors will rotate opposite to each other. People will be able to see the rising and setting sun through this hotel.

This tower is fully automatic

The building is made in such a way that the strong wind cannot affect it. Solar panels have been provided on the roof of the building. The building can still move even if there is no power. Horizontal turbines have been installed in the middle of each floor. Which can easily eliminate the air pressure. In 2013, 79 wind turbines were installed on each floor. 360 degree view of dubai


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