Amazing cycle wheel technology One man built two half-wheeled bicycles

We know that technology is advancing in many eras now. Wherever we go we see many wonderful tools and many machines. We are going to be amazed when we see all this technology.

We see a lot of wonderful technology and information on mobile and the internet. The mobile we use is also a wonderful device in which we see a lot of information. With mobile we can do many things sitting at home which can be called a wonderful technology.

We know that the current people love to ride. We ride in many vehicles. Some ride in a car, some in a bike and many in a bicycle. You also ride a bicycle and laugh. Two or three wheels of the bicycle you ride will laugh. But you have never seen a bicycle with one full tire and two half tires.

You may be surprised but there are also bicycles. One person has built a bicycle with one whole tire and two half tires with his own hard work. And that cycle runs just like a normal cycle. Which has created an amazing cycle of laughter as you see in the video.

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