Be careful if you are taking paracetamol to get rid of tingling, pain.

We all make many efforts to live a healthy life. But many times we fall ill. When we get sick, we take medicine tablets without thinking about anything else. If we feel even a little fever, tingling in the body, we immediately swallow the pill. But we do not know how much damage this pill does to our body.

Paracetamol is one of the most reliable drugs to reduce pain and provide relief. This tablet shows an immediate effect on pain due to which people have been using it for decades without any problem.

However, experts have issued a dangerous health warning for people who regularly take paracetamol. A new study conducted by a team from the University of Edinburgh looked at the effects of the drug on rats and concluded that it is harmful to consume too much of it.

The researchers warned that patients taking high doses of the drug could cause liver damage, as four grams of paracetamol per day is a typical dose for patients with chronic pain. The study said, “Scientists at the University of Edinburgh studied the effect of paracetamol on liver cells in human and rat tissues.

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Research has revealed that if we take too much medicine, it damages our body and also affects our kidneys. So if you have general tingling or pain in your body, then you should avoid taking more pills.

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