Before the Morbi bridge broke, the video came out.

While 35 people died as per preliminary reports in the Morbi Bridge accident, an earlier video has surfaced in which a large number of people were present on the cable bridge. Some people were seen jumping and kicking the cables. The question here is how such a large number of people were allowed to cross the bridge. With whose permission the long-closed bridge was opened on New Year’s Day itself.

The chief officer of the municipality is putting the responsibility on the Orewa company. Now it seems that the responsibility of the entire incident will be dropped on Jaysukh Patel, the owner of the Orwa company. A doctor present there says that 40-45 children have died and this number is likely to increase. Children have died more.


The news of the collapse of the suspension bridge in Morbi, Gujarat has come to light. A large number of people are reported to have drowned in the water, with an estimate of over 300 people present on the bridge to witness the suspension bridge. However, no official figure has come out yet.

But former BJP MLA Kanti Amritiya has said in a statement that more than 80 people have been successfully rescued alive, but unfortunately 60 dead bodies have been found.

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