Ambalal Patel’s big prediction regarding the rains is that it will rain on Navratri.

Weather expert Ambalal Patel has predicted that the rain system will become active after the next two days when there has been a lot of rain this year. Due to the impact of low pressure in the Bay of Bengal, the Meteorological Department has predicted normal rainfall for 4 days in Gujarat. At that time, … Read more

Gujarat Congress has decided the names for the 2022 elections.

As the Gujarat assembly elections are approaching, all the parties have started their preparations, while the Gujarat Congress has also announced the names of the candidates for the 2022 assembly elections.  The biggest news related to Gujarat Congress is getting. The names of the candidates are being discussed even before the Congress announces the names … Read more

If the money does not come out of the ATM machine, the police gave an explanation before leaving.

In today’s modern times, we take advantage of many facilities, we use many types of equipment and machinery, while currently we handle many types of news on mobile. We are currently using mobiles to transfer money. We prefer withdrawing money from an ATM rather than going to a bank. The police have said through a … Read more

Finally late at night Mehul Boghra was attacked by Nodhai Grievance supporters who made a police cordon

A police complaint has been filed late at night that Mehul Boghra, a well-known lawyer from Surat, was attacked by an unknown person. We know that extortionists and corruption are increasing day by day in Gujarat. Mehul Boghran, a lawyer from Surat who is known to expose extortionists, was often seen extorting people who were … Read more

A young man from Bhavnagar wrote Hanuman Chalisa with rice grains.

A young man from a village in the hinterland of Bhavnagar wrote Hanuman Chalisa with rice grains and registered his name in all three books. Gohil Lagdhirshinh khengarshinh, a resident of Alampar village of Antralial village of Umrala taluk of Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, has written Hanuman Chalish on rice grains and three books of … Read more

Dantivada dam update Dantivada dem ketalu pani

At present, when the rainy season is going on, the Dantivada dam has received a good amount of water. Dantivada dam is similar to Jivadori dam of Banaskantha district, due to heavy rain in the upper reaches, water in Dantivada dam was in good quantity. We know that now when the rainy season has stopped, … Read more

Important announcement regarding Grade Pay

There has been a demand to increase the salary of Gujarat Police for a long time now. Today, on the eve of Independence Day, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel tweeted that the funds have been approved for the welfare of the policemen’s families. As Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel tweeted, accepting the recommendations of the meetings and … Read more

These are the symptoms of monkeypox in children that parents should pay special attention to.

A new disease called Monkeypox is currently being observed in our country. This is a dangerous disease and it is being seen from animals to humans. Two years ago, a disease called corona virus came in our country, corona has spread all over the world, the cases of corona are decreasing, a new virus called … Read more

પ્રવર્તમાન પરિસ્થિતિ માં માર્ગ અને મકાન વિભાગ નાં કોઈ પણ પ્રશ્ન હોય તો ગુજરાત સરકાર કરશે મદદ

We know that while urban and rural development is increasing day by day, roads and houses are also getting paved. Smart cities and many other technologies are on the rise. Even the poor families in the village are getting paved houses. The Minister of Roads and Buildings Department of Gujarat Government has started a campaign. … Read more