Live Counting of Gujarat Assembly Elections

We know that the Gujarat Assembly elections have been held recently and the counting of votes for this election is to be held on December 8. All the three parties are claiming their victory. Counting of votes is currently going on to see who will win the assembly elections this time. The Election Officer plays … Read more

Big news about Congress MLA geniben thakor in politics

While many preparations have started regarding the assembly elections in Gujarat, Congress MLA Geniben Thakor is also attacking the government. BJP, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party are working hard for the Gujarat assembly elections, each party has started attacking each other. Under which Congress MLA Ganiben Thakor has attacked the BJP. Geniben Thakor said that … Read more

Alpesh Thakor again came to the field to contest the election from Radhanpur seat

As the assembly elections in Gujarat are getting closer, the leaders have also started preparations for the elections. Assembly elections are held in Gujarat for 182 seats, in which the BJP has been forming the government for many years, and again after some time, the assembly elections will be held, in which it remains to … Read more

Ambalal Patel’s big prediction regarding the rains is that it will rain on Navratri.

Weather expert Ambalal Patel has predicted that the rain system will become active after the next two days when there has been a lot of rain this year. Due to the impact of low pressure in the Bay of Bengal, the Meteorological Department has predicted normal rainfall for 4 days in Gujarat. At that time, … Read more

Gujarat Congress has decided the names for the 2022 elections.

As the Gujarat assembly elections are approaching, all the parties have started their preparations, while the Gujarat Congress has also announced the names of the candidates for the 2022 assembly elections.  The biggest news related to Gujarat Congress is getting. The names of the candidates are being discussed even before the Congress announces the names … Read more

If the money does not come out of the ATM machine, the police gave an explanation before leaving.

In today’s modern times, we take advantage of many facilities, we use many types of equipment and machinery, while currently we handle many types of news on mobile. We are currently using mobiles to transfer money. We prefer withdrawing money from an ATM rather than going to a bank. The police have said through a … Read more

Finally late at night Mehul Boghra was attacked by Nodhai Grievance supporters who made a police cordon

A police complaint has been filed late at night that Mehul Boghra, a well-known lawyer from Surat, was attacked by an unknown person. We know that extortionists and corruption are increasing day by day in Gujarat. Mehul Boghran, a lawyer from Surat who is known to expose extortionists, was often seen extorting people who were … Read more