Beginning of baldness

Beginning of baldness: The biggest cause of baldness can be genetic from generation to generation. A doctor explains in a video that male pattern baldness is passed from generation to generation. The biggest reason is the androgen hormone, which is found in men. Which causes male pattern baldness.

The doctor says, it is not that the hair of this type of baldness patients starts falling out suddenly. In fact, their hair gradually starts to thin and when this hair thins, it begins to fall out in that area and gradually disappears from there, due to which baldness appears.

In fact, this type of baldness is most common in the front part of a person’s head. Now you may be wondering if women can have this kind of problem too? So the doctor says that women can also get this disease but compared to men, women have more hair in the front, due to which their baldness is not visible and the hair in the middle starts to thin and fall out gradually.

Any type of male can have three main symptoms of this type of baldness. In which the hair structure starts to decrease first. Apart from this, the hair suddenly starts falling out from somewhere and gradually it starts to become V-shaped and Rata suddenly looks bald.

Apart from this, hair suddenly thins in the middle part of the head and sometimes it starts to fall out due to thinning and baldness appears due to lack of hair.

According to the report of the American Academy of Dermatology, this type of hair loss is frustrating but there is a treatment. If he starts this type of treatment immediately, he can benefit to a great extent.

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