Bones and memory will become stronger

Bones and memory will become stronger: Dry fruits have many medicinal properties. Consuming it daily relieves many problems related to the body. With stronger bones and muscles comes energy. If we talk about dates, they contain vitamins, calcium, fiber, anti-oxidant, anti-viral properties. Bones and memory will become stronger

Consuming 2 dates mixed in milk daily is very beneficial. Its consumption helps in keeping blood pressure under control and also in increasing immunity. Also, the risk of many body related problems is also reduced. Let us tell you today the benefits of drinking date milk. So first let’s know how to make it… Bones and memory will become stronger

Ingredients : Dates – 2, Milk – one glass.

  • Method of preparation : First cut the dates and remove the pits, now put milk and dates in a vessel and let it rise for 1 to 2 times, after the rise let it cool down and consume it at night before going to bed. So now let’s know the benefits of drinking date milk.


  • The main cause of diabetes is increase in blood sugar level in the body. But dates are very beneficial to keep it under control. Eating it 2 to 3 times a week reduces the risk of diabetes.

Blood pressure:

  • It helps in controlling blood pressure as it is rich in vitamins, magnesium and potassium. Thus people who consume two dates with milk every day before going to bed. It reduces the risk of high blood pressure. Regular consumption of milk mixed with dates keeps blood pressure under control.


  • By consuming it, the brain works well. According to experts, eating 2 dates with milk daily helps in reducing inflammation in the brain. Also, brain vein functioning well helps in sharpening memory. Bones and memory will become stronger


  • Today many people around the world are battling with heart disease. Millions of people die from its clutches every year. But the nutrients in dates keep the heart healthy and protect against heart-related diseases. The carotenoids and phenolic acids in it help keep the heart healthy. It protects against related diseases.

Digestive system:

  • According to experts, dates are rich in fiber, which helps in strengthening the digestive system. Stomach related problems are eliminated by doing a good digestive system in this way. By including dates in your diet, you get adequate and abundant fiber.

During pregnancy:

  • Women should take special care of their diet during pregnancy. According to a research, consumption of dates during this time is very beneficial. Its regular consumption reduces labor pain during delivery. Also it increases energy level in women. Also it gives energy to the pregnant woman.


  • Dates contain vitamins, fiber, iron, antioxidant properties. Daily consumption of antioxidant-rich date milk increases the body’s immune system. In this way, the risk of getting diseases is less. It is very beneficial to include it in the diet.


  • Consuming dates with milk daily strengthens bones. Vitamins, calcium, iron, antioxidant properties in it strengthen bones and reduce the risk of arthritis and bone impairment. Along with this, it helps in getting good sleep along with getting rid of muscle pain.

Other benefits of eating dates:

  • 1 ) If you have bad breath, then burning date palm and rubbing its ashes on your teeth will remove the stains on your teeth. If you have an injury, keeping the ash of date palm on the injured area will stop the bleeding and stop the bleeding.
  • 2 ) Mix five tola of dates, one tola of cumin, one tola of Sindhalun salt, one tola of pepper, one tola of ginger, one tola of pipilimoo, and lemon juice and make a lick of it and lick it, it can improve the gastrointestinal condition of a person. Relieves constipation.
  • 3 ) Taking dates, grapes, sugar, ghee, honey and pepper in equal proportions and making a paste of it daily is beneficial in tuberculosis, tuberculosis cough, breath and tone. Drinking 4 to 5 glasses of water every day after eating dates thins the phlegm and expels the phlegm. At the same time the lungs are cleansed.

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  • 4) Eating 20 to 25 dates and drinking a glass of warm milk every day will make the body feel refreshed. New blood is formed. Increases sperm count. Drinking date milk in winter is very beneficial. If a tissue of dates is crushed in a tola of rice and mixed with some water and given to a small child, the weak child becomes healthy soon.

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